Kahi Is Buried in Negative Comments for Her Recent Instagram Posts

Kahi, a former member of After Girls, is currently being bombarded with negative comments after she posted her visit to the ocean with her kids.

Credit: Kahi Instagram

Recently Kahi, currently living in Bali , posted several pictures of her and her kids having fun in the ocean. However, the phrase “We managed to be in self-isolation for a few days but I stepped up to visit the ocean for my children,” caused a stir.

Some are saying that the fact that she visited the ocean with her kids despite being advised to be in self-isolation since they showed signs of coughing and had runny noses is a problem. Even though they might not have been confirmed with the coronavirus, outdoor activities should have been guarded against possible infection, especially since her kids showed sign of possible flu.

Credit: Kahi Instagram

On March 23, she posted a now-deleted post defending her decision.

She wrote:“I’m having a hard time these days. The entire world is. Everyone is sensitive and working hard. Everyone is filled with fear and trying to live protecting their families. Everyone wants a place to run and play outside with their children while getting fresh air and laughing. We just played at a playground in front of our house for a bit, went to the mountains wearing masks, and to the zoo. I want to be parents making these experiences for my children. 

Yes. I was like that too. This is Bali. Our front yard is the ocean and a playground and there are mountains right over it. In Korea, I got the courage to go outside briefly in front of our house and run around with our kids and it made me so happy, but even if I say that people will ask me why I’m talking about it in the country’s current state. I went out when there was no one when the sun was warm. Mysteriously, my kids who had been coughing and had runny noses symptoms stopped after going out that day. As they got sunlight and touched sand and played, I felt their colds went away due to nature’s strength. 

The strength the obvious sun and ocean gives, I felt that it was unfortunate for those who can’t access it. I am also very grateful these days. Everyone, I received a lot of love in the past couple of days and I am a celebrity but also someone’s mom. Going out briefly in the ocean, that was just my heart as a parent. We will return to Korea soon. This place is getting more and more dangerous, and it’s hard to get tested and if they get sick, we can’t leave the country so made this decision before things get more difficult. I have more respect for Korea now and am going in with a respectful heart. I will try living more thoughtfully and carefully. Thank you for reading my long message. I truly wish you stay healthy.” 

After she posted this, even bigger stir was created. People are saying that her sudden announcement of returning home after saying she felt “the power of nature” is pure nonsense. The fact that she dismissed the controversy she started as “the power of nature,” but decided to return home only after the spread slowed down seems somewhat ridiculous.

0000263202_001_20200320104528743Some are agreeing with Kahi’s position, but commenting that using Korea as an option, after leaving the country for her children’s environment (fine dust), doesn’t look good.

After the controversy escalated, Kahi turned her Instagram account into private setting then later turned it back to public and delivered her apology twice, which are also deleted as of now.

In the first post she wrote:“I couldn’t get my head straight so I set my account to private for a bit. I think I need to get it together. Please forgive my immature words. I am sorry to everyone disappointed in me. I am this immature and lacking.” 

Then she posted a screenshot of her note where she wrote, “I am such a bugger. I’m not thinking straight.”


However, some defended Kahi by saying, “as long as she follows the rule of self-isolation and keep the proper social distance, there won’t be a problem.”

Meanwhile, The Central Disaster and Safety Countermeasures Headquarters announced on March 22 that “Although the number of confirmed COVID-19 patients are decreasing, we now have to focus on the possibility of the virus coming in from overseas.”

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