INTERVIEW: Behind-the-Scenes Stories of ‘Friendshipz Insider Tour: Like It’ ①

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Credit: KBS Media, Seezn

Recent days, it’s hard for us to go out, not to mention travel. Maybe it’s because we’ve been stuck in our home for some time. Just watching the exotic scene on TV seems to relieve the stress. At this time, Friendshipz Insider Tour: Like It, starring Lee Jin Hyuk, Lee Se Jin and Kim Min Kyu, was released. The three who believe themselves to be “outsiders” will travel LA and Las Vegas to become “insiders” and take “photos of a lifetime.” What did these three get from this trip? Let’s listen to their honest stories.

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Q. What position did each of you take during the trip?

Jin Hyuk: I was the “passion” and “ambition.”

Min Kyu: I was the “brain.” I think I was showed speed and wit when we played games.

Se Jin: Hi, I’m Lee Se Jin, in charge of the “extreme experiences with tears.”


Q. What was the most impressive moment? Special experiences would work, too.

Se Jin: I enjoyed extreme sports a lot. I believe I’ve done all the sports I can do in my life.



Q. Do you enjoy these extreme sports often?

Se Jin: I mostly like to stay in home. I’m really good at breathing exercises… But I though to myself, “When will I ever experience this again?”


Q. Then, what about the most memorable place?

Jin Hyuk: For me it was the the luxuryious mansion in Catalina Island. I heard that chewing-gum magnate bought the island and turned it into a touring site. The view from the mansion was just incredible.

Min Kyu: I think Santa Monica was really pretty.

Se Jin: Muscle Beach was also memorable. It’s unique space that you can’t encounter in Korea. It was so much fun since it felt like I was in one of those “American teen movies”


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Q. Who do you think is the best “insiders?”

(All three of them points to themselves)

Se Jin: Since I like to travel, I think I took the most “insider-like” pictures. I also used number of cameras. I really enjoyed taking pictures under the themes of “pictures” and “insiders.”

Min Kyu: I always though of myself as a “insider.” You know, insiders don’t call themselves insiders.

Se Jin: Then how come you’re calling yourself a insider?

Min Kyu: I thought since the hot trend these days is to show yourself off, I would choose myself for PR.

Jin Hyuk: I don’t think of myself as a insider, but I really don’t think either of them are as well… So if I have to choose, I choose myself. (laughs)


Q. Then who looks the best when taking the pictures?

(Se Jin points at Jin Hyuk, Jin Hyuk points at Min Kyu, Min Kyu points at Se Jin)

Min Kyu: Se Jin takes amazing selfies. But when it comes to taking pictures of others, he sucks at it.

Se Jin: I guess it’s too early for the world to understand my feelings.

Jin Hyuk: I enjoy taking pictures of others. I though a lot of pictures for both Se Jin and Min Kyu, but you know how there’s the angle and unique “feel” when you take the photos? Min Kyu comes up with lots of ideas.

Min Kyu: Actually I was scolded by my agency regarding that matter. So I studied a lot. I also asked for plenty of advice from fellow idols. Instead, I taught Jin Hyuk a lot about Instagram.

Jin Hyuk: I was told to stop posting selfies but more “boyfriend-like” pictures.

Se Jin: Come to think of it, our SNS styles are totally different. Min Kyu has a lot of “boyfriend-like” pictures, and Jin Hyuk posts a lot of selfies. I think I mostly upload landscape pictures.


To be continued…

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