‘Bogota’ Song Joong Ki Returns to Korea Today

Entire team of Bogota, including actor Song Joong Ki, has returned to Korea.

Credit: Xsports News

Song Joong Ki and all other members of Bogota returned to Korea early this morning. Originally, they have been filming in Colombia, but as the coronavirus started to spread rapidly, the team decided to return home to ensure the safety.

COVID-19, which has produced numerous confirmed cases across Asia and around the world, has also produced hundreds of confirmed cases in Colombia as well. Previously, Colombia has announced its plan to close the border. As the danger of COVID-19 has risen to the highest level in Colombia, Bogota team chose the safety as a priority.

Some members have already returned to Korea on March 22. The rest of the Bogota team, including Song Joong Ki, returned safely to Korea early this morning. Since they returned from abroad, they will now go under self-isolation for the time being and figure out their current conditions.

Bogota had originally planned on filming the entire movie in Colombia. Therefore, the cancellation could be disappointing for the production team. Nevertheless, people are cheering for their decision of putting people’s health in front. How the rest of the filming will take place has yet to be decided.

Meanwhile, Bogota, starring Song Joong Ki and Lee Hee Joon, is a crime thriller about the young people who immigrated to Colombia in the 1990s, set in Bogota, a high plateau of the Andes Mountain.

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