‘Time to Hunt’ Will Be Released Exclusively Through Netflix

Director Yoon Sung Hyun’s Time to Hunt will be released through Netflix.


On March 23, Netflix and Little Big Pictures announced that Time to Hunt will be released through Netflix exclusively on April 10. Accordingly, the film will be served in 29 languages in 190 countries.

Time to Hunt is the first film directed by Yoon Sung Hyun in nine years, since Bleak Night. It is introduced as a movie that captures the breathtaking story of four friends planning a dangerous operation for a new life and their mystery chaser.

Lee Je Hoon, Ahn Jae Hong, Choi Woo Shik, Park Jung Min and Park Hae Soo have starred in the film. Also, the movie was introduced in Berlin first, as it was invited to Berlinale Special Gala.

The reason why Time to Hunt is being released through Netflix, not theaters, is due to the aftermath of coronavirus.

time to hunt gala
Credit: NAVER movie

It was originally scheduled to be released on February 26, but as the concerns of COVID-19 spread rapidly, the production company decided to postponed the premiere date. Since then, they have been keeping a close eye in the situation, but as the number of moviegoers per day dropped to around 30,000, they have finally decided to go to Netflix.

After much consideration, Little Big Pictures reportedly gave up its theater release and VOD service and asked Netflix first to released Time to Hunt. After several discussions, Little Big Pictures and Netflix decided to release the film on April 10.

According to Little Big Pictures, even though they cannot divulge the exact amount, Netflix have offered an amount that can effectively meet the break-even point of the film.

Meanwhile, this is the first Korean movie, not Netflix original, to be released only in Netflix without official theater releases and any other VOD services.

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