‘Kingdom’ Kim Sung Gyu, “I Wanted to Capture the Desperation of Young Shin”

Actor Kim Sung Gyu expressed his thoughts of his appearances on both season 1 and 2 of Kingdom.

Credit: Netflix

Kingdom Season 2, Netflix Original Series, depicts the bloody struggle of the crown prince Lee Chang as he faces Joseon, which turned into a living hell after the dead have come back to life, and Cho family seeks out after the throne. Kim Sung Gyu played the role of Young Shin. Young Shin is a former soldier who joined a group led by Chang to fight against the dead, after personally witnessing patients turning into monsters.

Kim Sung Gyu was first to express his gratitude for the explosive response for Kingdom since the release of the second season. “People around me are saying that they really enjoyed the second season. In fact, I had expectations as soon as I first saw the script. I was looking forward to these responses, but it still feels great to hear from people that they enjoyed the drama,” he said.

Regarding his action scenes, he answered, “I think the character received more attention that I expected since he mostly showed up in the action scenes. In the second season, I tried to focus more on the character’s power, which was the desperation, during the action scenes.”

Credit: Netflix

As the filming for Kingdom continued for two years, he showed his affection for the work. “On the last day of shooting, we filmed a scene with many actors, and I wasn’t sure if it was over or not. I just couldn’t believe that it was over. It was a strange feeling that was neither refreshing nor disappointing,“ Kim Sung Gyu continued. “And because I spent so much time, even when I wasn’t filming, with the fellow actors, I didn’t feel like it was over.”

He also talked about the unusual feeling he got as he was cutting his hair short for the first time in two years, after all the filming was over. He said, “The moment when I cut my hair was refreshing. but as I looked in to the mirror at home, I felt less confident. I felt like I’ve became normal and somewhat shy.”

Kim Sung Gyu showed a unique chemistry with Jeon Suk Ho, who played the role of Cho Beom Pal, in season 2. “I had a lot of fun working with Jeon Suk Ho. He is such a cute, funny and good-hearted person,” he added. “He also shared lots of ideas with me. Rather than trying the create fun, we tried to focus more on presenting the chemistry that the two characters originally had.”

Credit: Netflix

Young Shin has also received a lot of love from overseas fans. To which he answered that he believes that Young Shin’s character has been made well since the first season. He added, “Compared to other characters, Young Shin is from a low class. I think this is the character that represents the common men. It seems that people like the character because although he is shabby and small, he is fast and good at actions. Thank you for loving a person who can look somewhat grubby and uncool.”

When asked if he was satisfied with the ending of season 2, he laughed as said, “When you look at the lines, I’m the one who had the most of the lines at the end. So I’m fully satisfied.” He then went on to say, “I think it presented a room for the story to expand. Season 3, I’m really looking forward to it as an actor. I really hope they produce it. I am also looking forward to watch Kingdom and the unfolding story with good characters, not as an actor part of the series, but as a viewer.”

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