UPDATE: KBS’s New Drama ‘Born Again’ Released the First Teaser Video

UPDATED March 30:

The second teaser video, which foresee the mystery of the story, for KBS2’s new drama, Born Again, has been released.

The released video, which depicts the fate and resurrection of three men and women in two lives, shows the mystery linking the 1980s and today.

First, in the recent days, Jang Ki Yong approaches and helps Jin Se Yeon, who is tying the red ribbon on a tree. On ther other hand, in 1980s, LEe Soo Hyuk holds Jin Se Yeon’s hand and swore that he would keep her safe.

The three men and women, who are intertwined in two lives, are adding the excitement, raising the expectations.


Original Article

KBS’s new drama Born Again unveiled the first teaser video.

Credit: KBS

Born Again, set to premiere next month, is a reincarnation mystery melodrama depicting the fate and resurrection of three men and women intertwined between two lives.

The first teaser video released showed a man walking on a snow field, following the footprints on the ground in 1980s, and Jin Se Yeon (Jung Ha Eun and Jung Sa Bin) with a warm smile.

Then 30 years later, Jang Ki Yong (Gong Ji Cheol and Chun Jong Beom) and Lee Soo Hyuk (Cha Hyung Bin and Kim Soo Hyuk) were spotted. Jang Ki Yong presented a completely different looks as a medical student Chun Jong Beom and wounded Gong Ji Cheol. Lee Soo Hyuk also presented a sharp, cold-blooded prosecutor Kim Soo Hyuk and Cha Hyung Bin, a warm loving detective, drawing more attention to their challenge of playing a double role.

Born Again is scheduled to premiere at 10 p.m. on April 20 KST.

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