Park Seo Joon Shares His Feelings as ‘Itaewon Class’ Aired Its Final Episode Yesterday

Actor Park Seo Joon shared how he feels as Itaewon Class aired its final episode on March 21.

On March 22, Park Seo Joon posted a behind-the-scenes photo at the filming site of the drama and wrote a length message.

He wrote:

“Yesterday night’s soju was really sweet. I’m finally pulling myself together. With the love and interest I received for the past seven months, I felt even sweeter. I believe that Park Seo Joon has grown up with Park Sae Roy. I sincerely thank all the staff members and fellow actors who made me think of my beliefs and values in my life once again. Now I guess Park Sae Roy will remain as a new diary. Thank you all for caring, supporting and loving me. It became a more beautiful moment and completed moment because you were with me. Always be happy and stay safe.”

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어젯밤은 술이 너무 달았습니다. 이제야 정신 좀 차렸네요. 정신 없이 달려온 7개월 많은 분들의 사랑과 관심으로 보상받는 기분이라 더 달았습니다. 새로이와 함께 하며 인간 박서준도 더욱 성장했다고 느껴집니다. 제 인생에 소신, 가치에 대해 다시한번 생각하게 해준 모든 제작진 그리고 배우들에게 진심으로 감사드립니다. 이제 새로이는 저의 또하나의 일기장으로 남아 있겠네요. 그동안 아껴주시고 응원해주시고 사랑해 주셔서 감사합니다. 여러분과 함께 했기에 더 아름다운 순간 이었고 완성 된 순간 이었습니다. 행복하시고 건강하세요❤️

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Itaewon Class recorded 16.5% viewership for its final episode, which is the second best viewership records set in the history of JTBC drama.

Meanwhile, The World of the Married will air as the follow-up of Itaewon Class.

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