Lee Kwang Soo Returns to ‘Running Man’ Two Weeks After His Surgery

Lee Kwang Soo is back on Running Man, two weeks after his surgery.

Credit: SBS

On March 22, actor Lee Kwnag Soo appeared on SBS’s Running Man, two weeks after his leg injury. He made the surprise appearance with the crutches and as soon as he appeared, all the members welcomed him.

Lee Kwang Soo also smiled brightly at the hospitality he received in 10 years. Song Ji Hyo expressed her special affection for him, saying that she “really missed him.”

Lee Kwang Soo said, “While I was in the hospital, Seok Jin called me a lot. He told me that he even climbed a mountain even when he was on a wheelchair. My mother was next to me and she said, ‘He is such an oldie!’”

Later in the episode, he teamed up with actor Hwang Young Hee to carry out the missions.

Meanwhile, Kang Daniel made a guest appearance and performed part of the choreography for his new song “2U,” which is set to be released on march 24.

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