Lee Ha Nee Shares Photos from Her Tea Meeting

Actor Lee Ha Nee shared her daily life with her boyfriend Yoon Kye Sang even during the recent spread of coronavirus.

Lee Ha Nee posted several pictures from her tea meeting on her Instagram and wrote “The day when the length of the day and the night becomes the same, #Chunbun. Flowers, tea, refreshments, Pangju’s sincerity music, poetry and space of the tea meeting. It’s been a while since I felt so satisfied.”

The posted photos present the props used for the tea meeting. including flowers, tea, refreshments, poems and bowls. Also, the name “Yoon Kye Sang” next to “Lee Ha Nee” grabs the attention as it shows that the two have been on a date during the tea meeting. Their unwavered love catches the eye of the public.

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낮과 밤의 길이가 같아진다는 #춘분. 그날의 차회. 꽃, 차, 다과, 다기, 팽주의 정성, 음악, 시, 공간까지. 오랜만에 느끼는 충만함. 그녀의 디테일하고 깊이있는 섬김과 배려에 무언가 어루만져짐이 있는 차회였다. . 어여 이 시간들이 지나고 사랑하는 이들과 맘 편히 조우하는 날들이 어서 오길. #소소한것들이그리운요즘. 오늘 내 자리에서 할 수 있는 것 들에 집중하며 조용히 사브작 대봐요. 다들 힘냅시다요! 💛 . Thanks to @shinkyunghee_pottery @tea_and

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Lee Ha Nee added that “it was the tea meeting that touched me in someway as Pangju (the person who prepares the tea) presented detailed and sincere services. I hope that these troubled days pass soon and we will encounter the day when we can pleasantly face our loved ones.”

Then she finished by sending supportive messages to her fans.

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