Hong Seok Cheon Shares the Behind-the-Scene Story with Park Bo Gum

Hong Seok Cheon shared his recent meeting with actor Park Bo Gum.

On March 22, Hong Seok Cheon posted photos with Park Bo Gum on his Instagram and wrote a lengthy comment that starts, “If anyone shines, it’s definitely Park Bo Gum.” He also added, “Bo Gum, who made a special appearance in ‘Itaewon Class.’ He is such a lovely person who made all the staff on set welcome and cheer for him.”

He then said, “I’ve met him for a short time but he was still shining bright. I;ve always thought he would make a big hit even when he was playing a small role. I pray that you will always be loved for a long time,” praising the actor.

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빛이나는 사람이 있다면 단연 #박보검 이겠다 어젯밤 마지막회를 마친 #이태원클라쓰 감독님과의 의리로 특별출연해준 의리의리한 보검이 촬영장의 모든 스텝들이 환호성을 지를만큼 반갑고 사랑스런 존재 ㅎㅎ잠간이었지만 빛이나는 아이 처음 작은역할로 봤을때 대성할 아이라고 찍었던 아이 ㅎㅎ언제나 그모습 그마음으로 오랜동안 사랑받기를 사랑하는 #이태원클라쓰 를 보내며 감독님 작가님 스텝분들 배우분들 그동안 행복했어여 술맛이어떠니 답니다 오늘밤 단밤이네여 지나가는 말로 형가게가서 밥먹을게여 라고했는데 진짜 지하철타고 친구랑 밥먹으러왔다 지하철탔어? 네 자주타여 편하고 좋아여 ㅎㅎ 참 괜찬은 동생이지않은가 #마이스카이 #경리단

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He also added “He actually visited my restaurant with his friends after saying that he would visit once in passing.”

Recently, Park Bo Gum made a surprise appearance in the final episode of JTBC’s Itaewon Class, which aired on March 21.

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