Ham So Won Shared a Screenshot of the Malicious DM She Received

Actor Ham So Won revealed her disappointment by sharing the malicious comments she received.

Credit: TV Chosun

On March 22, Ham shared a screenshot of DM she received on her Instagram along with a message, “Malicious comments. You, who were once a choreographer, stop sending me DM. Even though I might not get hurt that often, but this is still hurtful.”

The released comments are closer to defamation than comments, and are full of abusive languages. This particular person, who claimed to be a former choreographer, wrote, “You are terribly at dancing,” along with curse words.

Credit: Ham So Won Instagram

In addition, he cursed her, saying, “Don’t be so rude to your mother-in-law.” In particular, he pointed finger at her and continued, “I feel sorry for Jin Hua, who has to live with you,” and “Did you even treat you mother-in-law?” and “Are you the king?“

Ham married Jin Hua, who is 18 years younger than her, in 2017, and is currently starring in Wife’s Taste with her husband. Recently, the show portrayed the conflict between Ham and her mother-in-law, which apparently led to malicious comments.

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