Who is the Post Romance Queen?

New faces have appeared on the small screen. Moon Ga Young, Chae Soo Bin and Shin Ye Eun will battle for a spot as the next “romance queen.” Each of them will star in MBC’s Find Me in Your Memory, which aired its first episode on March 18, tvN’s A Piece of Your Mind, which will first air on March 23 and KBS’s Meow, the Secret Boy, which will premiere on March 25. The fact that these actors are all in their 20s is intriguing as actors who are in their 30s, including Son Ye Jin, Gong Hye Jin and Seo Hyun Jin, have previously dominated the romance genre in the small screen. Attention is begin paid to who of these three will be named the post “romance queen.”


Moon Ga Young – Find Me in Your Memory

Credit: MBC

Moon Ga Young is the first to meet the viewers. She is currently playing the role of Yeo Ha Jin, a rising star, in Find Me in Your Memory. The drama depicts the love between Lee Jung Hoon (Kim Dong Wook), anchorman suffering from Hyperthymesia and Yeo Ha Jin. who is hated by the public yet famous for her style. To express her character’s colorful daily life, Moon changes nearly 10 outfits per episode.

During the live broadcast on March 18, she said, “Yeo Ha Jin is like me in a way, and there are so many different images I can present.” She added, “I want to show you various sides of me, including fashion and makeup. I will do my best make sure that my name, Moon Ga Young, to be my own strategy.”


Chae Soo Bin – A Piece of Your Mind

Credit: tvN

A Piece of Your Mind tells the story of one-sided love. In the drama, Chae Soo Bin plays Han Seo Woo, who has a crush on artificial intelligence programmer Moon Ha Won, played by Jung Hae In. At a media conference held online on March 16, Chae introduced her character as “a person who sincerely supports and love the people around her.” She also expressed her hope to be called “go-to actor” through the drama.

Chae has been diligently building her career in romance genre. MBC’s I’m Not a Robot and Where Stars Land are the best examples. The chemistry between her and Jung Hae In, who also mainly focused in romance by starring in Tune in for Love and One Spring Night, is highly expected. However, what Chae loved most about the work is the cinematic quality of Lee Sook Yeon’s script as Chae explained, “Every time I read the script, I am attracted to something else.” Lee also wrote the script for Tune in for Love.


Shin Ye Eun – Meow, the Secret Boy89609959_3836429993041554_8400474333213884416_o

Shin Ye Eun, who debuted with web drama, A-TEEN, in 2018, will star in the drama, aired in one of the three main broadcasting stations. Based on the webtoon of the same name published by Go Ara, Meow, the Secret Boy portrays the romance between a cat, which transforms into a man, and a dog-like woman. By playing the role of Kim Sol Ah, an ordinary office worker who is easily swayed by love, she will target the viewers in their 20s.

Shin is also known for her strong curiosity to challenge unique characters. In tvN’s He is Psychometric, she played the role of Yoon Jae In, who falls in love with Lee Ahn, who has the ability to read people’s secret. Then in upcoming drama, she will play Kim Sol Ah, who will present unusual romance with a cat, who sometime turns into a man.

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