Soyou Opened Up Her Youtube Channel ‘Soyugi’

Singer Soyou opened her YouTube Channel “Soyugi” with global K-POP media 1theK on March 19.

Credit: Starship Entertainment

“Soyugi” literally means “recording Soyou’s daily life.” With 1theK’s know-how of planning and producing K-POP related contents, Soyou will unveil unique contents that contain her charm and her pleasant daily life.

She will reveal everything from her Vlog about the pleasant trips and daily life to her diet methods and workout tips. Also, with her beautiful voice, she will start various ASMR and other voice-related contents. She will even perform “mukbang” to fill up her channel with variety of contents.

On the first day of opening up her channel, she uploaded two videos: introduction of the channel and her trip to Swiss with her sister.

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