Kim Hye Joon Changes from the Queen of ‘Kingdom’ into the Heroine of ‘Many a Little Makes a Mickle’

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Actor Kim Hye Joon has been officially cast as a lead role of Many a Little Makes a Mickle (literally translated), MBC’s new Monday-Tuesday series.

Many a Little Makes a Mickle, a 16-episode drama, is a mystery play about those who have been left behind by a famous painter with his property that is worth tens of billions of wons. With her attractive appearance and fine acting, Kim Hye Joon is playing the role of Bin Na, the painter’s daughter and the key character who tries to shed light on the truth regarding the large fortune, in the series. Actor Oh Nara, who’s become popular through JTBC’s SKY Castle, has been also cast as another character Ji Hye in Many a Little Makes a Mickle.

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Thanks to her own stable performance in the 2019 film Another Child, Kim Hye Joon won the Best New Actress award at the 40th Blue Dragon Film Awards late last year. She recently finished shooting the upcoming movie Sinkhole (working title), while showing her unique charisma as Queen Consort Cho in Netflix’s original thriller Kingdom 2, which was released on March 13.

Meanwhile, MBC’s Many a Little Makes a Mickle is scheduled to be premiered this June.

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