Ryu Jun Yeol Is Back, Perfectly Pulling Off His Long Hair

Ryu Jun Yeol showed off his new style in the Arena Homme Plus pictorial released on March 18.

After starring in Hit-and-Run Squad, Money, and The Battle: Roar to Victory non-stop, he returned from a three-month vacation in Los Angeles. During the break, he grew his hair out for the first time for his role in director Choi Dong Hoon’s new film, Extraterrestrial (working title).

Credit: Arena Homme Plus
Credit: Arena Homme Plus
Credit: Arena Homme Plus
Credit: Arena Homme Plus
Credit: Arena Homme Plus

This upcoming film, which drew attention with the appearances of prominent actors, including Kim Woo Bin, Kim Tae Ri, Cho Woo Jin and Yeon Jeong Ah, will feature the young people living in the Republic of Korea, as aliens appear as one of the main topics, moving back and forth between eras. It plans to film the first and the second parts simultaneously and release them sequentially. Ryu Jun Yeol’s role has not been reported yet.

The actor gained weight a bit during the break and was naturally tanned from the warm LA days, overflowing with more robust charm.

During an interview, he said that rather than distinguishing work and travel in his life, he learned that “life itself can become a journey” while traveling. “Traveling does not necessarily mean you have to go somewhere. Today’s pictorial can also be part of a trip,” he continued.

Ryu Jun Yeol starred in JTBC’s Traveler-Cuba, a total of 10 episodes, with Lee Je Hoon last February, presenting the true value of a “traveler.” The viewers got to see “real” Ryu Jun Yeol, not an actor Ryu Jun Yeol, as he conversed with Lee Je Hoon about the memorable movies and actors and talked candidly with local people.

Ryu Jun Yeol’s interview will be releases in the April issue of Arena Homme Plus.

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