Jung So Min Shared Photos of Her Surprise Birthday Party

Actor Jung So Min expresses her gratitude for those who congratulated her birthday.

On March 18, Jung posted several photos and wrote,

“This was a surprise party that I’ll never forget. Temi, Miramenger, Eulyi, Ayoung, and Mihyun, thank you all so much for preparing the party. I always thought that birthday wasn’t something special, but thanks to you, I felt like it was something special for a moment. And #soul repairer staff who write pretty messages on my window, thank you very much. I felt like I was reading a rolling paper. I had such a wonderful time reading them in my car. Also all of those who didn’t write their names, I couldn’t say it personally, but thank you. Thank you so very much. I’ll do my best.”

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절대 못 잊을 깜짝 생일 파티였어요🎉 파티 준비해준 테미원장님, 미라맨저님, 을이, 아영, 미현 너무너무 고맙습니다🙏🏻 생일 별거 아니라고 늘 생각했는데 덕분에 잠깐 별거로 느껴졌어요🤣 그리고 제 자리 창문에 예쁜 메시지들 써준 #영혼수선공 현장스탭분들 정말 감사합니다🙏🏻 롤링페이퍼 읽는 것 같은 뭉클한 옛날 기분 새록새록🌱 촬영 가는 내내 메시지들 곱씹어 보며 혼자 얼마나 웃었게요. 이름 안써주신 분들은 따로 인사 못드렸지만 감사하고 있어요💕 정말 감사합니다❗️열심히 할게요:)

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In the released photo released, Jung is wearing a crown and smiling in the car. Also the car is decorated with balloons and “Happy Birthday” garlands.

Meanwhile, Jung So Min will star in KBS’s Soul Repairer, which is scheduled to air in May.

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