Sejeong Tops the Music Sites with Her Recent Solo Album

Sejeong is making a hit with her first mini-album, Flowerpot.

Credit: Jellyfish Entertainment

After releasing Flowerpot on March 17, Sejeong swept the major music sites, including topping Bugs, raking second in Genie and Soribada, as of 9:00 a.m. on March 18 KST, showing off her potential as a solo artist.

The title track of the recent album, “Flowerpot,” is a ballad that doubled the charm of the song by adding emotional Sejeong’s voice to a lyrical melody written and composed by Sun Woo Jung Ah.

At the same time, Sejeong also proved her musical ability by participating in writing and composing of the non-title tracks.

Meanwhile, Sejeong will be performing on MBC’s Show! Champion on March 18, starting her active promotional activities.

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