Sejeong Said, “I’ve Always Dreamed of This Moment”

Singer Sejeong delivered her feelings over her first mini-album.


Sejeong conducted an interview with Xsports News a few days ahead of the official release of her first mini-album Flowerpot.

“Flowerpot,” the title track of the album, is a song that unravels the feelings one gets from looking at the small life in a flowerpot. The song is also catching more attention as singer-songwriter Sun Woo Jung Ah composed the song. In addition, the album includes a total of five songs, including “Today is Fine,” “Skyline,” “Duck Feet,” and “You in My Dream.”

“Since there a lot of things that I’m trying for the first time, I’m very nervous. But because I’ve always dreamed of this moment, I’m also just so happy,” said Sejeong. “When I first started singing, I thought, ‘One day, I’m going to release a solo album,’ and now it has come true.”

She also participated in writing and composing of the non-title tracks. “I started writing songs a year ago. I wanted to include comforts in the entire album, as well as the title track. It contains a various type of comforts, like comforting those who hit a rocky patch, comforting those who are wounded and comforting those who need healing.”

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Following the earlier releases of “Flower Road” and “Tunnel,” “Flowerpot” also carries a message of consolation and encouragement. When asked if Sejeong herself, who sang the songs, was healed, she answered, “I especially received a lot of comforts as I sang ‘Today is Fine.’ It actually felt like the song was written as I comfort myself.“

He also shared a behind-the-scenes story with Sun Woo Jung Ah. She said, “Actually, I told the company that I wanted to work with her first. I contacted her afterwards and she gladly told me that she would write a song for me. I didn’t say anything, but she wrote the song with the feelings and melody that I wanted. I thought to myself, ‘This song is really for me.’”

When asked if there’s any artist she wants to collaborate with, she mentioned, “I really want to get a song from Yoon Sang, too. I really want to work with him.” She also added that since she shares a similar vocal sound as Jung Seung Hwan, who is also her close friend, she would love to work on a collaboration piece with him someday.

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Sejeong has been performing in various fields, including music, entertainment shows, and acting. To the question of which field was the most fun, she answered, “Music is the most fun.” However, she also showed her ambition in acting as well. “I really want to act again this year. As I returned to acting last year after taking two-years break, I realized that taking a break in acting can cause troubles. I really want to continue acting, even if it’s a small role,” she said.

When the interviewer asked Sejeong, who is also a member of K-POP group gugudan, if she misses the group activities, she said, “I always miss them. Whenever I write a song, I always write a girl group song. Cause you never know when or how it might be used.” She also added, “When we were together, we can overcome and endure together, but now that I’m performing as a solo artist, there’s always worries that I have to take full responsibility and lead the staff alone. But this is something I’ve been preparing for, so I think this will be a process that I have to go through at least once.”

Regarding her goal with the upcoming album, Sejeong said, “Since I participated in writing and composing of the songs, I hope that people will notice my voice and know that I am capable of various things.”

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