‘Are You in Love?’ Finally Had a Press Screening in 3 Years Even Amid the Concerns About Coronavirus

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Credit: Blue Film Works

A press screening of Are You in Love?, a new romance film starring Kim So Eun and Sung Hoon, was held despite the nationwide spread of COVID-19 (the new Coronavirus) in South Korea. It’s the first Korean movie to carry out a press screening since February 18, the day when the Patient 31 called as a “super spreader” was diagnosed with the virus.

In the morning on March 17, the press screening of Are You in Love? was hosted at Lotte Cinema World Tower in Jamsil, Seoul. The production and distribution companies of the movie originally rented out a smaller theatre for the press screening, but then replaced it with a far bigger one for “social distancing.” They also gave out masks and soaps to the journalists invited to the screening at the entrance of the theatre.

Although many films have delayed their releases due to the contagion of COVID-19, Are You in Love?, which premieres on the 25th of this month, eventually pushed ahead with its press screening for a practical reason. “It’s impossible to postpone its release any longer. This work is a low-budget movie that finished filming already in 2017,” a source involved in Are You in Love? said.

As the source said, the low-budget films will lose their positions entirely in the box office if their releases get postponed indefinitely. We hope the Korean independent movies overcome the Coronavirus crisis very soon.

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