4 of Top 7 Survivors in ‘Mr. Trot’ Choose ‘Radio Star’ as Their First Appearance in Other TV Shows

The four members of the Top 7 participants, who made it to the final round in TV CHOSUN’s Mr. Trot, have been cast as the new guests of MBC’s talk show Radio Star.

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OSEN, one of the Korean entertainment news websites, reported exclusively on March 17 that Lim Young Woong, Young Tak, Lee Chan Won and Jang Min Ho recently decided to appear in the upcoming episode of Radio Star all together. It’s their first appearance in another TV entertainment show since the end of Mr. Trot. Along with Jang Min Ho, who finished sixth in the final round of the audition show, the other three participants (Lim Young Woong, Young Tak and Lee Chan Won) were selected as the Top 3 winners in the finale of Mr. Trot aired last Saturday (March 14).

 “We contacted them for casting because so many viewers and fans have wanted to see the Mr. Trot stars even after the end of the program,” Choi Haeng Ho, the producer (PD) of Radio Star, told Star News in an exclusive interview on the same day. “We’re planning to highlight their humane and charming aspects as well as their chemistry with the hosts. We sincerely hope the appearance in Radio Star will somewhat help these artists’ future careers,” he said.

Meanwhile, the four Mr. Trot stars are going to film the new episode of Radio Star in the afternoon on March 25. Their Radio Star episode will be broadcasted at 11:05 p.m. on April 1. Stay tuned on MBC if you’re a big fan of these singers!

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