The Last Teaser Images of Ong Seong Wu’s Upcoming Album Have Been Unveiled

The last teaser of Ong Seong Wu‘s mini-album, LAYERS, was released on March 16.

The teaser, which contains the emotional keyword “Curiosity” and the title of fifth track “GUESS WHO,” attracts the attention with the singer’s playful facial expressions. Also the colorful screens in the background represent Ong’s desire to poke the curiosity of the public with his new looks.

“GUESS WHO” is a song that expresses “mystery man,” which is conceived by Ong himself as he always has to answer “secret” to his fans all the time. The song playfully presents the “mystery man,” who will slowly reveal himself.

Meanwhile, Ong is scheduled to engage in his full promotional activities as soon as his upcoming album, LAYERS, is released art 6:00 p.m. on March 25 KST.

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