Starship Entertainment Confirmed Its Nine-Member New Boy Group Name with ‘Cravity’

Starship Entertainment’s new nine-member boy group has taken off the veil.

On March 15, Starship Entertainment abruptly opened the official SNS channel of their new rookie boy group, which previously had been announced to be launched in the first half of this year. They also released a video with the team name “CRAVITY” and their logo, signaling their debut.

CRAVITY is a nine-member group that combines “Creativity” and “Gravity” as the team name, implying that they will bring the listeners into their universe. CRAVITY also stands for “Center of Gravity,” presenting the ambition to balance each other and give the best performances when all nine members gather together.

CRAVITY is a new rookie boy group that Starship Entertainment is introducing in about five years, since MONSTA X.

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