Lee Sang Yoon and Yook Sung Jae “Graduated” from ‘Master in the House’ + Ong Seong Wu Will Appear as Special Guest in the Next Episode

Lee Sang Yoon and Yook Sung Jae have “graduated” from the entertainment show, Master in the House.

Credit: SBS

On March 15, Master in the House presented the graduation ceremony of Lee and Yook, who decided to leave the show to return to their original fields.

On the last night together, the members sat down and talked about their past time. Lee said, “I think I will be rooting for the show even more (after I leave). I’m curious about who will fill the vacancy and I will wish for their best.” Yook then added, “I’m actually jealous of the person who will fill in my spot,” confessing his honest feelings.

When asked about the future plans, Lee commented that he will return to his acting, while Yook answered that he will have a short time off before his enlistment. Later, a surprise graduation ceremony prepared by the members was held. Each member cheered on Lee and Yook’s future path with handwritten letters.

At the end of the show, a preview of the next episode was broadcasted, in which Ong Seong Wu has appeared as a “one-day disciple.” According to the production team, Ong showed off his unique affinity and charms.

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