Interview with Director Yeon Sang Ho, Who Pioneered a New Genre with ‘The Cursed’

The Cursed, which airs its finale on March 17, is in many ways considered an “experimental work.” The drama tells the story of a teenage girl with the ability to curse someone to death and a righteous social reporter fighting against a huge evil lurking behind an IT conglomerate. It uses occult elements, including curses, evil spirits and Gut, that are difficult to approach to viewers.

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At the center of this challenge, director Yeon Sang Ho, who wrote the script, is present. This is the first time that he wrote a script for drama, but he completed a solid script that contains deep knowledge and understanding of the subject.

Director Yeon began writing The Cursed with a subject of “Bangbup” curse that he found interesting since his childhood. He melted his opinions of current world into the drama. He stated that “this society allows the people to detest others for their own justice and legitimacy.” He also added that the fact that the drama empathize with the “hatred society” is the reason behind breaking the 6% viewer ratings. Let’s take a look at various stories of The Cursed through written interviews.

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Q. You used a unique subject of ‘Bangbup’ curse. Why did you choose such topic?

A. As I started writing the script for drama, I wanted to mix shamanism, occult, mystery and hero. Then, the ‘Bangbup’ curse came to mind.


Q. The Cursed reached 6% of viewer ratings. Did you expect this?

A. I was thankful for 3%. I was surprised too.


Q. Which point of the drama do you think captured the viewers?

A. Combining things like the story structure of putting the puzzles together and the structure of hero movies, I have conducted a story that will even convince those who are opposed to occult subjects. I think the things that we encounter in our daily lives, such as the abhorrence in SNS, were the power that ensured the drama to keep the connection with the reality.

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Q. What did you think of the actors?

A. Jo Min Soo practiced for months for the Gut scene and Sung Dong Il showed impressive acting of being ‘Bangbup’ curse. I started to really respect these actors. Also, Jung Ji So is a very emotional actor. I believe that she has a very rich and unique emotions. In a way, Jung’s sensibility created Baek So Jin’s “Bangbup” scene.


Q. Do you have a character that you particularly care for:?

A. I do. It’s Im Jin Hee, the main character. To be honest, Im Jin Hee is an ordinary person compared to other characters with “supernatural powers.” I think the fact that she is an ordinary person just like us is the point that make the drama more interesting.


Q. What is the best scene for you? And why?

A. Actor Kim Shin Rok, who played the mother role of Baek So Jin, is the most memorable. Although many truth were revealed in the latter part of the drama, I think her role is the most complex character with many emotions. Also I really enjoyed the scene where Kim Joo Hwan’s body gets crumpled.

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Q. What are the points to watch for the remaining two episodes?

A. It’s not going to be a fully “closed” ending, but it’s definitely not going to be an “open” ending as well. I think every topics dealt in the drama will come to a definite conclusion.


Q. During the media conference, you pledged to write the second season if the viewer ratings exceed 3%. What are the plans for The Cursed Season 2?

A. Currently, the only schedules after the drama is the movie version. Season 2 is in talks with the production company, but no specific schedule has been made yet. But I would like to prepare the story first before diving into anything. In the movie version, I am planning on introducing other characters as well. I want to make this a completely different style from the drama.


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