Yoon Do Joon Says Hello Ahead of His Discharge on April 10

Yoon Doo Joon, a member of K-POP group Highlight, sent his regards to those having a hard time dues to recent coronavirus.

Credit: Yoon Doo Joon Instagram

On March 14, Yoon posted a photo of himself in a uniform and wrote “Thank you all so much and I had such a great time thanks to you! I will always pray for you happiness!”

Then he continued, “Long time no see everyone. This is Doo Joon. I’m worried about everyone’s health these days! I wish the best for you all even with the coronavirus. Since I’m still a soldier till April 10, so after a short break, I’ll be back! Have a safe day and see you soon!”

Yoon joined the army in August 2018. Since then, he has been serving in the Army’s 12th Infantry Division and will be discharged on April 10.

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다들 너무 고맙고 고생하고 덕분에 재밌게 지내다 갑니다!! 언제나 행복하길! * 오랜만이에요 두준입니다! 다들 건강하신지 걱정이 많이되는 요즘이네요! 끝까지 방심하지 않고 코로나 모두 다 잘 이겨내길 ! 4월10일까지 군인이기 때문에 조금만 쉬었다가 돌아올게요! 다들 안전한 하루 되길 see you soon !

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