Ong Seong Wu Drops Another Teaser Images for His Upcoming Album

Singer Ong Seung Wu unveiled his next teaser images, “BYE BYE TEASER,” for his upcoming album, LAYERS.

At midnight on March 15, Fantagio Music posted new teaser images of “BYE BYE TEASER” for his new album. This teaser contains the emotional keyword of “Realization,” along with the song title “BYE BYE.”

The fourth track, “BYE BYE,” talks about the realization of believing oneself, and moving beyond the rules set by others. Also, “BYE BYE” is a sensuous song with the singer’s charisma that satisfies listeners’ expectations.

Showing various emotional keywords and solid concepts through teaser images of his first mini-album LAYERS, Ong shows off his colorful charm with a layering of emotions that present his inner stories. Now with only one teaser image left, more attentions are being paid to his upcoming album.

Meanwhile, Ong Seong Wu is expected to start his full promotional activities with the release of his new album LAYERS at 6:00 p.m. on March 25 KST.

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