ASTRO to Drop Their Special Single ‘ONE&ONLY’ Today

ASTRO will be releasing their special single album, ONE&ONLY, today.

Their agency Fantagio Music stated that the offline album of ASTRO’s special single ONE&ONLY will be released today.

ONE&ONLY is a special single prepared only for AROHA (ASTRO fan club) who supported ASTRO with unwavering love for four years since their debut. Previously, the song was released on February 23, the same date as their debut, adding to the meaning of the fourth anniversary gift.

The title track of the same title is a song in which the heartfelt lyrics of ASTRO is unfolded on top of the media tempo hip-hop beat melody.

According to an official from the agency said that the album will be released along with the jacket images of the group. “ASTRO is planning on introducing new music, starting with the special single this year. Please look for forward it and show your interest,” he added.

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