Actors and Staff of ‘Story of You and the Rain’ Meet for the First Time

On March 10, the gosa ceremony for the upcoming movie, Story of You and the Rain (literal translation), was held in Seoul.

Credit: KBS, PLUM A&C, CGV Art House, Link Management

Story of You and the Rain is director Cho Jin Mo’s new melodrama film is about a man and a woman who miss each other for a long time but are unable to meet.

Kang Ha Neul will return to the big screen in three years since Forgotten, and will play the role of Young Ho, a man who exchanges letters with someone while living a purposeless life. Kang So Ra will play the role of Soo Jin, a secretive woman who is studying for re-examination for college with Young Ho. Chun Woo Hee will take on the role of So Hee, who receives letters on her sister’s behalf, where as Lee Seol will play So Hee’s sister.

Previously, attentions were focused to the film as this movie would be the first project together for Kang So Ra and Chun Woo Hee in nine years since their hit 2011 film Sunny.

Usually, actors and staff would gather for table read on the day of gosa ceremony, but Story of You and the Rain canceled its table read due to the spread of coronavirus.

All actors attended the ceremony with their masks and took their temperature with heat-sensor cameras at the entrance. Nurses were also present at the scene to take the surveys of any travel histories and contacts with the confirmed patients.

On top of that, the original script of the movie involved scenes in Japan. However, with the restricted entries of Koreans with the spread of COVID-19, the production team decided to change the setting of those scenes from Japan to Korea.

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