Ravi Shows Generosity to Those Who Damaged His Porsche

Singer Ravi is making headlines for his heart-warming story.

Credit: GROOVL1N

On March 11, an anonymous student shared a story on an online community. In his post, he introduced himself as a 26-years-old college student and that he recently damaged a car riding kickboard with her girlfriend. “My girlfriend, who was not good at handling the kickboard, fell down and hit a car next to her and the car was damaged,“ he wrote, and shared how panicked they were when they learned that the car was Porsche.

He continued, “two men came out of the car and we shared contact info.” However, when he contacted the number to discuss the compensation, the owner replied, “Hello! I hope you’re not hurt. You must have been shocked when you damaged the car. You two still look like students, and since the accident happened unintentionally, don’t worry about the money. I’ll take care it myself.”

Credit: Online Community

Then, the owner finished, “Always be careful when you ride kickboards, and it’ll be enough if you love Ravi and GROOVL1N music,” revealing that he was in fact, Ravi, a member of VIXX.

After the story grabbed the attention, Ravi said, “I have a sister of similar age. They naturally reminded me of her. I thought it was nothing special, but thank you for you interest.” He also added that he hope that everyone will help each other to overcome this difficult times of COVID-19 rather than focusing on his small actions.

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