’Peninsula‘ Releases World-Wide Launching Posters

Peninsula is continuing its extraordinary moves by unveiling posters simultaneously around the world.

Peninsula\, which depicts the final struggle of those left behind in the devastated land four years after Train to Busan, is getting unusual attention from all around the world.

In particular, overseas media are showing their excitements by saying “They are properly presenting the image of the devastated land as much as we expected” (Lad Bible) and “Be prepared to welcome ‘Peninsula’ that will create a synergy with ‘Train to Busan’” (Empire Online).

Credit: Peninsula Launching Posters

Well Go USA, a North American distributor, said, “As soon as we unveiled the poster, the response is hot. A lot of people in North America, including ‘Train to Busan’ diehards, are waiting for ‘Peninsula.'”

Singapore and Malaysian distributor Clover Films said, “Many people already want to see the movie just from the posters,” and South American distributor BF Distribution proved the interest by saying, “As soon as we released the poster in Spanish and Portuguese versions, the response is enormous, with about 78 million people getting news through SNS.“

Peninsula is set to premiere simultaneously in major countries this summer.

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