UPDATE: Sejeong Drops a Teaser Video for Her First Mini Album ‘Flowerpot’

UPDATED March 15:

Sejeong has released a music video teaser for her title song of her first mini album, Flowerpot.

On March 15, Jellyfish Entertainment releases a teaser video of the singer’s new song “Flowerpot,” raising expectations for the upcoming album.

The released teaser video captures Sejeong, who exudes dreamy yet lovely charms under the blazing light.

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The comeback teaser video for Sejeong‘s new album Flowerpot has been released.

On March 9, Jellyfish Entertainment released a surprise teaser video for Sejeong’s first mini album Flowerpot on its official SNS channel.

The released teaser video slowly shows the space of an empty house where no one exists. The green, yellow, and purple colors in the warm sunlight created a warm yet dreamy mood, and various objects created a mysterious atmosphere.

Sejeong’s voice as well as sensuous images also raised expectations for the new song. In the short period of 20 seconds, Sejeong’s humming instantly stimulated listeners’ ears, further escalating the dreamy atmosphere of the video.

Sejeong, who is raising expectations for her first mini album with her comeback teaser video, also released her official photo, online cover image and track list sequentially, stirring up the excitement of her fans. In particular, the title track “Flowerpot” is grabbing more attention as singer-songwriter Sun Woo Jung Ah composed the song and Sejeong herself participated in composing and writing the lyrics.

Meanwhile, Sejeong’s first mini album, Flowerpot, will be released on various music sites at 6 p.m. on March 17 KST.

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