TWICE Sends Their Love to Their Fans on the Day of the Canceled Concerts

Girl group TWICE expressed regret of the canceled concerts due to COVID-19.

TWICE posted several photos on its official Instagram account on March 7, with a message saying, “We really wanted to hold the concerts, but we’re so sorry and sad that we couldn’t.“

“But it was nice to spend time with ONCE with V LIVE. Thank you so much for watching till the end and always take care of your health. TWICE ONCE, don’t get sick! Thank you always so much,“ TWICE added.

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오늘 콘서트 하고 싶었지만 못한거 너무너무 미안하고 아쉬워용ㅜㅜ 그래도 오늘 이렇게 브이앱으로 원스들이랑 소통 할 수 있어서 좋았어용!! 끝까지 봐주신 원스들 너무너무 고맙고!! 원스들도 건강 잘 챙기시고!! 트와이스 원스 모두 아프지 말자!! 항상 너무 고마워요🍑 ⠀ 📸🌼 미나 얼굴에 거울선이 겹쳐버렸었넹…미안햇…ㅜㅜ 그리고 나연언니 쯔위 없지만…(쯔위는 사진속에 있네…ㅋㅋ)

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The photos released showed TWICE members and TZUYU, who wasn’t at the scene, was replaced with a picture.

Meanwhile, TWICE was scheduled to hold “TWICE WORLD TOUR TWICELIGHTS in Seoul” at KSPO DOME in Songpa-gu, Seoul, on March 7 and 8 to mark the end of the world tour.

However, their agency JYP Entertainment reported on February 24 that they are canceling the event to ensure the safety of artists and fans and to actively cooperate with the government’s policy on dealing with the COVID-19 to refrain from indoor and outdoor events that includes many people.

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