Tiger JK Donates All Profits Made by His Game OST Song

Tiger JK continues his good deed of donation.

Tiger JK, who released its single “The Adventurer” on February 28, will donate all of the profits made with the song. “The Adventurer” is a special song created to celebrate the second anniversary of the release of mobile game “Black Desert,” in which Tiger JK drew stories about life and adventure in line with the theme of the game.

The one-year settlement of the song will be donated in full to a charity designated by the game company Parebis. Tiger JK has been consistently donating for years. Last year, he hosted a party-style concert and donated the proceeds to improve awareness of multicultural families.

Tiger JK wrapped up his career as Drunken Tiger after its 20th anniversary last year and finished a national tour of the group MFBTY (Tiger JK, Yoom Mi Rae and Bizzy). Now he is planning a new project for this year.

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