The Main Trailer for ‘Kingdom Season 2’ Is Out

The Netflix original series Kingdom Season 2 has unveiled its main trailer.

The Kingdom Season 2, a mystery thriller, briefly presents the bloody struggle of the crown prince Lee Chang as Joseon turned into a living hell after the dead have come to life and Cho family seeks out after the throne.

The released main trailer starts with the image of crown prince Lee Chang at the crossroads of life and death as more dead are coming back to life, raising the tension. Facing the crowd of the undead, Lee Chang determines to erase the Cho family that has put the people in danger.

The determinations of Lee Chang, who decided to return to Hanyang, and physician Seo Bi, who is searching for the treatment to cure the terrible disease that is raising the dead, raising the excitements.

At the counterpoint is the Cho family members who are setting a plot to hold Joseon under their grasp. The prime minister of the Joseon dynasty, Cho Hak Ju, is showing his ambitions and the Queen is trying to sit on the throne herself. Expectations are rising for Kingdom Season 2 for the final battle as every characters are acting to complete their desire.

Kingdom Season 2 will be released simultaneously in 190 countries around the world through Netflix on the 13th.

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