Director Choi Dong Hoon Chooses the Working Title for His New Film as ‘Extraterrestrial’

Extraterrestrial (literal translation) was chosen as the working title for the new film of director Choi Dong Hoon.

Director Choi Dong Hoon didn’t even create a working title for his new film to a high level security for his new film. He even went to see the actors and production companies personally to stop his script from going public.

However as of March, he finally finished his script and chose the working title from the “Extraterrestrial Project,“ which is how the movie was called among the various officials.

Credit: Daum Entertainment

Originally, Extraterrestrial planned on gathering the actors and staff to hold gosa rites for safe filming on February 24. However, due to actors’ scheduling problems, the even was postponed to February 28, which was postponed once again due to concerns of COVID-19.

Extraterrestrial tells the story of the current youth living in the Republic of Korea, as aliens appear as one of the main topics, moving back and forth between eras. It plans to produce the First and Second Parts of the movie at the same time and release them sequentially.

With Ryun Jun Yeol and Kim Tae Ri as the main characters for both Parts, star actors including Kim Woo Bin, Cho Woo Jin, Kim Eui Sung, Yeom Jeong Ah, So Ji Sub and Yoo Jae Myung will appear. Of course, some actors will only appear in the first part.

Extraterrestrial was suppose to start filming in the middle of this month and continue for about 10 months. But with the spread of COVID-19, the first day of filming was postponed to the end of March, watching the situation.

The First Part of the movie is currently scheduled to be released next summer.
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