Kim Yo Han of X1 Shares How Last Year Became a Turning Point in His Life

Kim Yo Han, who is set to debut as an actor with School 2020, has made the cover for the March issue of @star1.

Credit: @star1

Kim Yo Han confessed how 2019 became a turning point of his life during an interview done with a photo shoot. He said, “I was so nervous as I started my new life as an idol trainee, after I devoted my life for taewondo and even became a backup national athlete.“ “It’s been a miracle,” he expressed his gratitude with the unexpected big love he received from Produce X 101.

Credit: @star1

When asked about any changes in his life over the past year, Kim replied, “I guess I’m still not used to the change, since I’m such a free spirit.” He also commented that he feel the changes most when people on the street recognize him and added “After living my entire life thinking myself as normal, there are times when I am surprised more than ever.” The nickname given to him by his fans is “Kim Muggle,” which according to Kim, he didn’t know what it meant at first. He said “I think I’m still a muggle,” expressing his love for the nickname.

Kim Yo Han thanked his fans for their great love with his debut album QUANTUM LEAP that came out last year. “It’s a miracle,” he said, “I never imagined it. Even before our debut, all of us X1 were worried. I can’t believe that we’ve achieved a good result and topped the music charts,“ adding that he is going to work harder. Like many other idols, ”BTS is my role model,“ he said, commenting that he hope to stand on the same positions one day.

Credit: @star1

Recently, Kim Yo Han confirmed his role as the main character for KBS upcoming drama, School 2020, which is scheduled to air this summer. He confessed that he is both excited and worried about the character since it reminds of him so much. He also added that he got a lot of help from Lee Dong Wook, the host of Produce X 101 and an actor who previously appeared on School 2 and School 3. According to Kim, Lee encouraged him and helped him to calm down and just do his work. He also said, “I want to ease my fans’ worries. I am not going to give up on being an idol,” giving a good news to his fans who are worried that they might no be able to see ‘Idol’ Kim Yo Han.

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