Fan Club Demands SM Again To Expel Chen From EXO Despite Of His Apology and Agency’s Official Statement

Many fans still want Chen to drop out of EXO, although Chen apologized to his fans for suddenly announcing his future marriage and EXO’s agency SM Entertainment declared his stay in the team.

팬클럽_첸 퇴출 요구 2차 성명서
Credit: EXO-L ACE Alliance

Today (Feb. 24, KST) EXO-L ACE Alliance, the paid fan club for EXO in Korea, issued the second statement to demand SM Entertainment kick Chen out of the group. Through the statement, the fan club criticized both Chen and SM for betraying fans’ trust and keeping silence without responsibilities. It also stressed that SM had excluded the EXO fan club from the group’s issue and defined it as a third party in its statement released on Feb. 20, saying “we demand the company give us a renewed feedback we can understand.”

Chen sent his first apology letter to EXO fans on Feb. 19, in 37 days after the announcement about his engagement and his fiancée’s pregnancy. On the next day, SM Entertainment also made a statement saying that there would be no changes in EXO’s lineup in accordance with all members’ minds. Nevertheless, a lot of EXO fans are unlikely to restore their broken hearts very soon.

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