UPDATE: Kim Hee Ae Shows Her Fatal Charm in The Second Teaser of ‘The World Of The Married’

Credit: JTBC

UPDATED March 4:

The World of the Married, a dangerous and secretive drama to be portrayed by Kim Hee Ae is adding the curiosity.

Credit: JTBC

On March 4, JTBC’s new Friday-Saturday drama The World of the Married, which is a follow-up of Itaewon Class, unveiled the first still photos of Kim Hee Ae, heralding a strong transformation of the actor.

Kim Hee Ae portrays her character Ji Sun Woo by capturing the delicate emotional changes in the released photos. In the first photo, a smile and confident eyes show Ji Sun Woo’s self-confidence. However, the following photos slowly shows her confusions that have befallen on her life. The emotional states of Ji Sun Woo, who is struggling to hold onto herself in her wet hair and unstable gaze, are clearly delivered.

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JTBC’s new Friday-Saturday drama The World Of The Married released a breathtaking second teaser video on Feb. 22.

Based on the BBC’s best-selling series Doctor Foster, The World Of The Married tells a story of a couple falling into a whirlwind of emotions as their relationship, which they believed was love, was severed by betrayal. The meeting between director Mo Wan Il, recognized for his meticulous and sensuous production of chasing the essence of emotions in Misty, and Kim Hee Ae foretells another craze. Writer Joohyun, who is well-versed in identifying the details of the character, wrote the play and Kang Eun Kyung, joined as a creator, complete the “Dream Team.”

The World Of The Married is heating up the viewers with its level of completion. If the first teaser video released earlier showed the couple’s perfect world slowly crumbling down, the second teaser reveals the emotions of Ji Sun Woo (Kim Hee Ae) and Lee Tae Oh (Park Hae Joon) who are running towards the end.

In a moment filled with happiness, Lee’s confession “I love Ji Sun Woo” is added in the background. However, the phrase “Love collapses in an instant” shown signals the beginning of the rift. Lee’s narration of “I have only one woman, Ji Sun Woo” and Ji’s narration of “I want to see Lee Tae Oh choose“ raise tensions, foreshadowing a fierce psychological battle. In the video that followed, Ji’s image of holding a bloody pair of scissors, amplifies the curiosity of what “the best choice of a woman who has lost her love” is.

Kim Hee Ae will play the role of Ji Sun Woo, a self-made family medicine specialist with a happy family, a husband’s unwavering love, a son living up to expectations, status and fame in the community. But, her life fluctuates as a hole surfaced in her seemingly solid happiness. Park Hae Joon plays Ji’s husband Lee Tae Oh, who is mired by the moment of betrayal.

The World Of The Married will premiere on March 27 at 10:50 p.m. as a follow-up to Itaewon Class.

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