Kim Go Eun Gives Generous Donation to Help Low-Income Households be Prepared For the Coronavirus

It was recently revealed by NGO Good Neighbors, that actor Kim Go Eun had donated 100 million won (approximately $82,640) to help provide around 40,000 masks for low-income households in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak.

As confirmed cases of the virus have been rapidly increasing in Korea, low-income families have been finding it more and more difficult to get their hands on simple items such as masks, and with the help of Kim Go Eun’s kind donation, Good Neighbors will be able to deliver masks to children, elderly individuals, and low-income households.

Kim Go Eun stated in response to her donation, “I decided to make the donation in the hopes to curb the spread of COVID-19 and help ensure that there are no more confirmed cases,” and “I wanted to help those who are finding it difficult to purchase masks due to financial reasons.”

A source from Good Neighbors also expressed their gratitude by saying, “We sincerely wish to thank Kim Go Eun for her generous donation to protect the health of low-income families. We will do our best to ensure that Kim Go Eun’s warm heart is delivered to those in need.”

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