OCN’s Third Dramatic Cinema ‘Team Bulldog: Off-Duty Investigation.’ Will It Capture Viewers’ Attention Again?

Character posters and teaser videos of OCN’s new drama, Team Bulldog: Off-Duty Investigation, have been released.

Credit: OCN

Team Bulldog: Off-Duty Investigation starring Cha Tae Hyun, Lee Sun Bin, Jung Sang Hoon, Yoon Kyung Ho and Ji Seung Hyun is a crime-busting entertainment action of a half-heated detective and five outsiders with a passionate producer. Director Kang Hyo Jin of Inside Me will be in charge of production and Lee Yoo Jin, a writer of M, wrote the script along with a new writer Jung Yoon Sun. The drama will air a total of 12 episodes.

The “Dramatic Cinema Project,” which began in 2019, is a project that contains OCN’s intentions to create well-made genre works with cinematic directing and drama’s dense storyline. Team Bulldog: Off-Duty Investigation, set to premiere on April 4, is the third dramatic cinema work to follow Trap, a hard-boiled thriller about a national anchor caught in an unknown trap, and Hell is Other People, which made headlines for its original webtoon of the same name.


Credit: OCN

On the 18th, OCN unveiled a poster of the character of the upcoming drama. Each of the five character posters capture the attention with a single word: “Call, Cut, Wipe, Thump, Hush.” Not only that, copies such as “First one to talk gets one more cake,” and “Get hit by the trusted bod” grab the attention.

The production team commented, “We wanted to show what the five characters’ charms are at one glance on the posters. I am confident that five outsiders, who have completely different talents and charms, like their different professions of detective, PD, funeral guide, cocktail bar owner and private detective, will explode a synergy that you have never seen before.”

The teaser trailer for ‘Team Play’ released together is also a hot topic. The hit song “I Love You” by Cha Tae Hyun, played in the background when highlighting the five outsiders’ undercover activities at a shabby singing room, brings back memories and pleasant expectations.

“I couldn’t stop laughing at the set as the actors with talents in both singing and dance kept creating the perfect chemistry in every scene,” the production team added. The behind-the-scenes video of the five actors singing “I Love You” at the end of the teaser will be released online on this coming Sunday (23rd). The production team finished by saying, “Please look forward to ‘Team Bulldog: Off-Duty Investigation’ that will feature an extraordinary teamwork of team bulldogs.“

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