Kim Jong Kook Sends Love to Fellow ‘Running Man’ Castmate Lee Kwang Soo

On February 19th, Kim Jong Kook showed his support as his fellow ‘Running Man’ castmate Lee Kwang Soo is to be undergoing ankle surgery duet to a minor car accident last week.

Kim Jong Kook posted a photo of himself and a cake-faced Lee Kwang Soo with the message, “Kwang Soo, get better soon! And come back to us quickly. Miss you my brotha!”

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광수야 언능 나아서 빨리 와~ ㅎ get well soon! Miss u bratha!

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HaHa also took this as an opportunity to send prayers by commenting in two prayer emojis for the photo.

Stay tuned for more updates on Lee Kwang Soo! We pray for his quick & speedy recovery!

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