Kim Tae Hee Shows How Serious She Is for Her Big Comeback in 5 Years With ‘Hi Bye, Mama’

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On Feb. 22, a new tvN weekend drama, Hi Bye, Mama held an online live production presentation. Director Yoo Je Won and actors including Kim Tae Hee, Lee Kyu Hyung, and Ko Bo Gyeol all participated in sharing their thought about the drama.

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When asked about her choice of the drama for her comeback in five years, Kim Tae Hee answered, “I read the script for the first time around last fall. I really sympathized with the script and cried a lot as a mother with a daughter.” “I truly wanted to work on a work with good messages and share my beliefs and understandings that I learned from the script with the viewers,” she added.

Regarding the charms of the drama, Kim said, “Yes, our drama deals with deaths and ghosts, but we bring in a bright, cheerful and warm atmosphere,” and added “I believe you will easily follow the drama as you laugh and cry with us. We hope you will receive a comfort and healing from us.”

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“I chose Kim Tae Hee because I wanted someone with kind and good energy,” explained Yoo Je Won. Then he added, “I needed a person who will understand the role of a mother and look at her child in a way that everyone can feel the love. Since Kim Tae Hee is a mother raising two children, she was the perfect choice.”

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Lee Kyu Hyung raised questions when he answered that he was “uncomfortable, to be honest” upon meeting Kim for the first time. Then he recalled how hard he was trembling during that first meeting. He added, “I couldn’t see straight because she was so beautiful. It was a lot of pressure. This drama is also her first comeback in five years.” But he thanked Kim for approaching in such friendly ways “so I could work more comfortably. During the rehearsals, I found out how open she was. Soon after, we were able to express our opinions to each other and to the director without any hesitations.”

Kim Tae Hee, who is working with Lee for the first time, said, “To be honest, I have rarely seen Lee’s work before so I was able to approach with clean slate. I was surprised to see how naturally and easily he has blended in with his character. I am glad that he is the one who is playing the role of Kang Hwa.”

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Ko Bo Gyeol commented on her character Oh Min Jung that “my character may seem a bit bold and daring but deep down, she is full of worries and considerations.” Then she added that because of her hidden charms, the viewers won’t be able to take their eyes off.

Lastly, Kim said, “I had a long five years of gap year for my personal life, but I hope I can continue my career again starting with ‘Hi Bye, Mama’. I pray that I will become a better actor with this drama.”

Hi Bye, Mama revolves around a woman Cha Yu Ri (Kim Tae Hee) who returns to her husband (Lee Kyu Hyung) and her daughter for 49 days as a ghost after passing away in a tragic accident. Hi Bye, Mama will premiere at 9 p.m. on Feb. 22.

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