Indian Filmmakers Claim Bong Joon Ho’s ‘Parasite’ Plagiarized Its Story From ‘Minsara Kanna’

Credit: Parasite / Minsara Kanna

On Feb. 15, India Today reported that PL Thenappan, who produced Minsara Kanna in 1999 starring Vijay, has decided to sue the makers of Parasite, the Acadmeny-winning Korean film.

According to the reports, PL Tenaphan claims that Parasite shares similar compositions with their movie, Minsara Kanna. “After the Academy Awards, I watched Parasite and realized that it shares similar contents with our movie,” PL Tenaphan told India Today. He then added that he already discussed with a lawyer based in Chennai regarding the matter, and will appoint an international lawyer to decide whether to sue within two to three days.

Director K. S. Ravikumar, the writer of Minsara Kanna, said “I haven’t watch the movie yet, but I am glad that a movie based on the story that I wrote 20 years ago has won the Oscars.”

The controversy first surfaced in India last month, after Parasite was released in the country. Audience from India claimed that the setting of the entire family working in a single home will from the movie Minsara Kanna. In particular, the allegations fo plagiarism are quickly spreading among the fans of the actor Vijay, who played the main character in the movie.

Credit: Minsara Kanna / Parasite

Minsara Kanna is a romantic comedy movie about a wealthy man falling in love with a woman from an arrogant business family and enter her house as a bodyguard to get an approval for the marriage. To help him, his sister and brother also sneak into the house as a cook and a butler. People who are accusing Parasite of plagiarism is stating that the fact that an entire family working in a single house is taken from the movie, Minsara Kanna.

However, not everyone is agreeing to this accusation. Some are talking about the bright future of Indian films as the movie based on their movie has won the Oscar. But at the same time, some like India Today is absurd by the accusation since according to them, the movies are like night and day.

India Today pointed out that “They might share a similar background, but ‘Minsara Kanna‘ is a romantic comedy love story whereas Parasite tells a story of a working-class family seeking jobs in a wealthy family. The motives behind the characters are entirely different.” Then they added that PL Tenaphan declined to answer the questions about this difference by saying things will get sorted out in the court.

Parasite is the first Korean Film to win four Academy Awards including, Best Original Screenplay, Best International Feature Film, Best Directing, and most notably, Best Picture.

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