‘Crash Landing On You’ Casts Express Their Gratitude to Viewers as They Bid Farewell to the Drama

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Crash Landing On You made a perfect finale by achieving the highest ratings in tvN history.

According to Nielsen Korea, the final episode of Crash Landing on You scored an average nationwide rating of 21.683% and a peak rating of 24.1%, overthrowing the previous record set by Goblin back in Jan. 2017, whose finale achieved a rating of 20.5%.

With its high ratings, Crash Landing On You provided diverse topics every episode. What scenes or lines of the drama were most memorable for Hyun Bin, Son Ye Jin, Seo Ji Hye and Kim Jung Hyun, who melted the hearts of countless viewers as “Two-Lee Couple” and “Gu-Dan Couple”?

Hyun Bin picked the farewell scene of Lee Jeong Hyuk and Yoon Se Ri in episode 9, when Son Ye Jin chose the scene when they share conversations over drinks in episode 12. Seo Ji Hye showed her love for the scene in episode 8 where she and her mother show affections for one another in their own ways, and Kim Jung Hyun picked the line, “I looked everywhere for you for so long.” This line was said by Lee Jeong Hyuk in episode 11 when he came all the way to Seoul to find his love.

Credit: tvN

The four actors also expressed their gratitude to the viewers who have been on the journey with them for the past two months.

Hyun Bin started off by saying, “As the unexpected encounter between Lee Jeong Hyuk and Yoon Se Ri became something special, I hope that ‘Crash Landing On You’ will also be the same kind of surprise in your life. I’m really grateful for your support and love.” Then Son Ye Jun commented, “I cried a lot and laughed a lot after I met Yoon Se Ri. I am honored to have met such an awesome work. I send my thanks to everyone who loved us the past two months,” expressing her sincere gratitude.

Seo Ji Hye wrote, “I got to travel a lot, playing the role of Seo Dan. I remember getting refreshed as I watched the night sky full of stars despite the cold. I was truly happy with all the love you showed me” and added that she will forever remember every moment she spent with the drama. “Although every work counts, ‘Crash Landing On You’ has more meaning in my life. I want to thank everyone who has been with us for the past 16 episodes,” said Kim Jung Hyun as he thanked the viewers.

Other cast members, including Oh Man Suk, Yoon Ji Min and Jang Hye Jin shared their thoughts as they bid farewell to the drama. Song Ga In, a singer who participated in OST also left a few words.

Oh Man Suk, who brought the tension in the drama by playing the role of Cho Chul Kang, wrote, “This was the first time that I ever played a villain and a North Korean soldier. I felt a lot of pressure but thanks to all the staff, I was able to pull it off. I was hated and cursed a ton, but I feel like I got the highest praise as an actor.” Yoon Ji Min, who played Go Sang Ah, as much a villain as Cho Chul Kang, also expressed her deep affection for the character saying, “I was able to get more understanding of the role thanks to the nickname the viewers gave me, the viper-like second daughter-in-law.”

Jang Hye Jin and Nam Kyung Eup, who hit back-to-back homerun after Parasite, also showed their sincere gratitude to the staff, other cast members and the viewers for all their support. Hwang Woo Seul Hye and Song Ga In also left a brief comment with their fans through their Instagram accounts.

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