A Thank You Message from the Four Actors of ‘Stove League’

Credit: SBS

On Feb. 14, the cast of SBS’s Friday-Saturday drama Stove League shared their thanks hours ahead of their final episode.

Credit: SBS

Namgoong Min, who played the role of Baek Seung Soo, posted a photo of the cast and staff of the drama and wrote, “This set was the ideal set, where everyone understood, respected, and was considerate of one another. I believe people call it ‘chemistry’ when the director, writer and actors all agree on the same page. Our chemistry was amazing.” Then he finished his post by tagging “’Today’s the finale episode,‘ ‘Stove League,’ ‘Baek Seung Su, goodbye.’” Later during an interview, he added, “Thank you for loving Baek Seung Soo and Stove League. It was a great honor to meet such an awesome character.”


Park Eun Bin, who played Lee Se Young, the first and youngest female professional baseball manager, said, “I hope the Stove League will leave a pleasant afterglow for those who support us. Please think of us whenever we come back to the annual Stove League,” Lee said, showing her energetic charm until the end.

Oh Jung Se, who earned the nickname ‘Korea Joker’ by playing the role of Kwon Kyung Min, the president of Dreams, shared his brief thoughts, commenting “I met Kwon Kyung-min and faced a fresh challenge. I send my thanks to all the actors and staff who completed the “Stove League” together.”

“It was an honor to finish and start the year with the Stove League. I believe it was the our viewers who completed the Dreams. Thank you.” said Cho Byung Kyu, who played the role of Han Jae Hee.

The production team said, “We appreciate the enthusiasm of the actors and staff who brought into their respective positions even during the busy shooting schedule.”

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