Choi Jun Hyuk Is a Hero in Upcoming Drama ‘Rugal’

Credit: OCN

A still cut with the intense charisma of Choi Jin Hyuk was unveiled for the first time.

OCN’s new Monday-Tuesday Rugal released the first still cuts of Kang Ki Bum (Choi Jin Hyuk) who transforms from an elite policeman to human-weapons hero.

Rugal is a science action hero drama in which a special team ‘Rugal’, made up with human-weapons who gained their special capabilities through biotechnology, fights against Argos, nationwide terrorist group. The story revolves around the revenge of an elite policeman who is reborned as Rugal after losing both his eyes and his beloved wife by the Argos.

Credit: OCN

In the newly released stills, Kang Ki Bum goes from an elite detective to Rugal’s hero. In the first still, wearing a police uniform, Kang Ki Bum is looking up at something with distressed emotion. His pent-up eyes are lurching with anger, hinting at some kind of troubling events.

Credit: OCN

The following stills show Kan Ki Bum’s transformation into Rugal’s new hero with a pair of cutting-edge artificial eyes. Although the mask covers half of his face, but you can still see his sharp and piercing gaze. A peek into the fascinating mechanical room/operating room also grabs attention.

“When I first read script, I had concerns over a new genre of ‘science action hero’ but I developed a spirit for challenge after discussing it with the director and staff,‘ said Choi. He added, “Kang Ki Bum is stronger against the strong but warm for the weak. Although he seems perfect, he sometimes shows a clumsy charm that breaks the mold. I’m trying my best to portray his diverse charms.”

Rugal premieres on March 16 at 10:50 p.m. KST

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