Jang Moon Bok’s Ex Writes about Their Relationship & How Jang Responded

A woman claiming to be Jang Moon Bok‘s ex-girlfriend has exposed private information about their relationship.

A post titled “I am Jang XXXX Bok’s ex-girlfriend” made on Feb. 11 on an online community gained attention with its shocking contents.

The writer started the post with their photo and stated that she had been dating Jang Moon Bok since last October up to now. Then she revealed the process of their meeting and their breakup and finished by writing “I needed a lot of courage to post this as a non-celebrity. I hope that there are no victims like me. I have only written the truth.”


Credit: Online Community

Check out here to read the post!

Following the release of the post, which has only gone viral ever since, Jang’s agency ONO Entertainment stated, “Although it is true that they have been dating, this is a private area of Jang’s life and we believe this is something that the two must solve. ” Then they added that no legal action will be taken.

Jang Moon Bok himself took the matter into his own hands. He wrote the following post on his personal social media.

“We fought a lot during that short period. You always doubted me and now you even took away the good memories. The pain will stay with me for a while.

No matter the reason, you shouldn’t have crossed the line like that. I believe everything between you and I ends here. Love doesn’t equal forgiveness. There’s a lot I want to say, but I won’t.”

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