Simon Dominic Goes Viral For His Hilarious Response To A Young Fan Who Proposed To Him Again

Simon Dominic recently had a hilarious exchange with his fan!

On Feb. 11, the rapper shared a screenshot of a Twitter conversation he had with a fan.

In December 2013, a fan tweeted at him, saying, “Why! A 12-year age gap is popular these days.” Simon Dominic answered, “What is this baby saying?” to which she replied, “It’s clear you’re going to regret it later. I’ll just continue proposing to you so that you won’t regret it later.” He tweeted back, “Let’s see how long this lasts,” and she stated, “Please look forward to it!”

Seven years later, the fan proposed to Simon Dominic once again. On Feb. 11, she wrote, “So why don’t we get married now?”

Simon Dominic posted a screenshot of this conversation on his Instagram with a caption, “What is this baby still saying?”

The exchange went viral, topping the realtime trends on Korean portal sites. He then held a live stream where he joked, “I have got to get ready if I’m going to get married. I mean, I gotta take care my skin first.”

But then he continued, “To be honest, I have no plans of getting married any time soon. I still have lots to do. I’m planning to accomplish more this year. So I guess I still have a long way before my marriage.”

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