Lee Hyo Ri & Lee Sang Soon Lived Together for 2 Years Before Getting Married

Credit: MBC

Lee Hyo Ri revealed that she and her husband Lee Sang Soon used to live together for 2 years before getting married.

Credit: MBC

Lee Hyo Ri and Lee Sang Soon appeared on MBC show, How Do You Play? to visit Yoo Jae Suk’s “Life Ramen” store.

During the conversation with Yoo, Lee Hyo Ri asked how long he had been married. When Yoo replied, “It’s been 11 years,” Lee Hyo Ri added “We’ve been together for almost 10 years? Yes, since we started living together 2 years before getting married, it’s been 10 years.”

The couple formally married in 2013 but have made public that they lived together when they previously appeared on a JTBC entertainment show, Let’s Eat Together. At the time, Lee Hyo Ri visited a couple’s house and said “I also lived with my husband for about two years before getting married,” and added “Both our parent all knew everything in advance and accepted it. They didn’t oppose it that much.“

Credit: MBC

Lee Hyo Ri also guest appeared at SBS entertainment show, Healing Camp, in the past and spoke of her marriage to Lee Sang-soon. After confessing that she really want a baby, Lee expressed her belief of marriage by saying “If things doesn’t go as you plan, you can get divorced. I hope people take these things naturally.”

Lee also added, “I want to live together before getting married. I mean, the divorce rates are increasing because you have to keep everything inside.” “Things can go wrong when you live with someone else. I think the divorce rate is high because you get married right away. It’s not a bad thing to try living together to understand the needs of the other,” she said, stressing the need of experience through cohabitation.

What made Lee marry Lee Sang Soon? Back when she appeared on SBS entertainment show, Magic Eye, Lee confessed how “my family always ended up fighting when we get together for holidays.”

“When I went to Lee’s house for the holidays before getting married, everyone got together to play board games and exchanged blessings,” she said. “When I saw Lee Sang Soon’s parents, I decided he was the one.“


Meanwhile, Lee Sang Soon posted a photo on his Instagram with the words “Yoo-Ra-Sek.” The photo showed Lee Sang Soon and Lee Hyo Ri taking selfies with Yoo Jae Seok, who runs “Life Ramen.“

According to Nielsen Korea, a rating company, How Do You Play? aired on Feb. 8 has recorded 11.2% in Seoul metropolitan area, breaking its own highest rating.

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