Avoided Theaters, ‘The Closet’ Tops Weekend Box Office

Written by Yang Young Jun

Translated by Kim Hoyeun

The 2020 weekend box office, which marks its sixth week, was literally quiet. The Closet starring Ha Jung Woo and Kim Nam Gil, and Birds of Prey, a new DCEU film, made their debut in first and second place in the box office, but the overall attendance is noticeably down. With the two US films, Little Women and Sonic the Hedgehog and a domestic movie An Honest Candidate are set to released this coming weekend, attention is being paid to whether they will be able to revitalize the weekend theater. After the outbreak of coronavirus, most film-goers have stopped visiting the cinemas.


  1. The Closet (released 2020.02.05) [NEW]
    Credit: CJ Entertainment

Weekend audience/sales: 489,359 / Approximately 4.392 billion won

Cumulative audience/sales: 681,182 / Approximately 5.966 billion won

Number of screens: 1,192

Seat sales/occupancy: 14.8% / 37.0%

The Closet topped the 6th-week weekend box office. The movie follows the footsteps of a father looking for his missing daughter with the help of a mystery man, starring Ha Jung Woo and Kim Nam Gil. Also as a debut film of director Kim Kwang Bin, The Closet has been at the top of the list since its release on Feb. 5, taking a pleasant first step. However, a problem lies closely. Although Beasts Clawing At Straws, one of the most anticipated work in 2020, has postponed its release date, still, An Honest Candidate, Sonic the Hedgehog, and academy-winning Little Women are set to be released soon. Moreover, with the spread of new coronavirus, it is uncertain whether the movie will surpass the 2.15 million viewers, the break-even point.


  1. Birds Of Prey (released 2020.02.05.) [NEW]
    Credit: Warner Brothers Korea

Weekend audience/sales: 166,182 / Approximately 1.535 billion won

Accumulated audience/sales: 260,400 / Approximately 2.34 billion won

Number of screens: 946

Seat sales/occupancy: 7.4% / 25.0%

Warner Brothers’ new movie Birds Of Prey, which drew a total of 160,000 viewers, finished its first weekend box office in second place. The film revolves around Harley Quinn, the only good thing to come out of Suicide Squad, as she creates a new hero team to go up against a villain named Roman Sionis, after the break up with Joker. Despite the favored comments of critics and audience, the film had a disappointing weekend in North America and the situation in Korea is not so different. Not only did it record the lowest first-week sales and attendance among any other DCEU works, but it also lost its second place to The Man Standing Next on Sunday. Whether the Birds Of Prey will make it in the box office with all the new movies being released is a thing to look for.


  1. The Man Standing Next (released 2020.01.22.) [2]
    Credit: SHOWBOX

Weekend audience/sales: 158,754 (-68.1%) / Approximately 1.42 billion won

Accumulated audience/sales: 4580,109 / Approximately 39.79 billion won

Number of screens: 834

Seat sales/occupancy: 11.5% / 15.4%

The Man Standing Next, which maintained the top spot in box office until last weekend, has stepped down to 3rd place. The weekend attendance of the movie, which entered its third week of release, was about 158,000. As mentioned above, the movie exceeded the daily audience of Birds Of Prey‘s 59,104 and won back the second place on Feb 9. Although, due to the aftermath of new coronavirus, it is hard to guarantee a break-even point of 5 million (total production cost of 20 billion won) as the number of film-goers reached the average of only 50,000 on weekdays. However, some estimated the break-even point to be 4.3 million, so it looks like we are going to have to wait for the official report by the production/distributor.


  1. Hitman: Agent Jun (released 2020.01.22.) [2]

Weekend/Accumulated ” 99,867/2,348,211

  1. Miniforce : Deeno the King of Dinosaurs (released 2020.02.06.) [NEW]

Weekend/Accumulated ” 34,089/42,306

  1. Jojo Rabbit (released 2020.02.05.) [NEW]

Weekend/Accumulated ” 24,444/36,645

  1. Inception (re-released 2020.01.29.) [2]

Weekend/Accumulated ” 12,730/5,928,845

  1. Spies In Disguise (released 2020.01.22.) [5]

Weekend/Accumulated ” 7,820/446,276

  1. Pain And Glory (released 2020.02.05.) [NEW]

Weekend/Accumulated ” 7,550/18,796

  1. Portrait Of A Lady On Fire (released 2020.01.16.) [3]

Weekend/Accumulated ” 6,995/126,844

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